Hawaii needs to restore agricultural industries

Considering the overthrow is responsible for destroying Hawaii’s agrarian society, it is appropriate to redeem rural/agriculture land, build the necessary infrastructure and provide resources to restore agricultural industries.

Doing this right thing promotes food security. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states: “To put the demand of food into perspective, we are going to have to double our production between now and 2050.”

Consider replacing military revenues with agricultural economics, allocating Department of Defense funding for food security. Hawaii’s ideal conditions make it a logical choice for growing food. The majority of Hawaii’s agricultural land is controlled by a few entities, making the procurement process easier.

Violating fundamental principles of democracy, the 1993 apology, Public Law 103-150, admits guilt regarding Hawaii’s lands without providing restitution or compensation. Using military funds to procure agriculture land and restore Hawaii’s farming communities is a step in the right direction. Plantation closures and fallow land afford perfect opportunities for defense dollars spent on food security while making some amends.

With today’s technology, Hawaii’s excessive military is unnecessary. Transition military housing for agricultural employees. Modify facilities for food processing and distribution. Transform welfare recipients into a taxpaying workforce. Displaced loved ones could return to live and work in Hawaii. Investing in a stable environment with appropriate infrastructure and reliable workforce encourages private enterprises.

Food security and doing justice is within our purview. Bible prophets Micah and Isaiah inspired the Russian statue gifted to the United Nations: “Let Us Beat Swords into Plowshares” can come to fruition.

Michele Lincoln