Hazardous material can’t be supported on island

In the past several weeks, abandoned cars have been left on the sides of roads in Haiku. One particular car had a visitor, two men (witnessed), who then left barrels of oil with taped lids, which were not hauled away with the car.

Over a week’s time, lids were removed and the oil spilled on the road. Within hours, after phone calls to the Kahului Fire Department and hazmat team and a call into the Mayor’s Office, they showed up on the street, identified the liquid and were in the process to remove the barrels! Thank you, Mayor’s Office and firefighters hazmat team. Your work is appreciated by all!

We need areas or storefronts that can accept returned used hazardous liquids, and importers and sellers of motor oil should pay for this. Our island cannot support discarded hazardous materials. People, care about your environment; your health depends on it!

Christina Hemming