Include a healthy lifetime sport when setting goals

A lifetime sport should energize you and keep you fit for life. I was taught in high school about lifetime sports like tennis, running and swimming.

I became a high school state tennis champion. Thanks to biofeedback and Feldenkrais (a yogalike mind-body practice), I no longer have shoulder or neck pain. But I will never take a serve again.

Tennis took too hard a toll on my body. It wears it out. Much worse might be contact sports like football or high-risk sports like skiing that might even leave you disabled. You might get lucky and escape harm, but it’s like a game of whack-a-mole, in which you never know when you might take a blow that will damage your body.

Besides walking and stretching, my current lifetime sport is creating Mauitopia, the ideal society of the future (see

Thanks again to the 697 people who voted for me for mayor in the last election. I will again run for mayor in next year’s election, hoping to create mauitopia (see I’ve learned to use my body in a way that is not prone to injury — one which uplifts my true self and our society.

As you enjoy your holiday season and set your goals for next year, I hope you will include your healthy lifetime sport. That can include watching nonlifetime sports like football and the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Ori Kopelman