It’s not the M-1 but close enough

Today I got a notice on the heavy traffic Keawe Street in Lahaina will be experiencing. People react like, “What’s going on?” I guess they were born yesterday, or are too busy with Facebook and sexual misconduct allegations by the higher-ups.

Us local brothers saw this coming back in 1980 smoking weed where the bypass is at right now. We’d say, “I bet you there’s going to be like an M-1 instead of an H-1 right here brah!” Yep, it’s not the M-1 but close enough.

Look, my smart friends. This island is only like, what, 700-something square miles but not all that square milage is usable. Ah pau, no can! And the attitude of people, I mean, false crack should come back and be permissible in the court of law. Imagine the judge going, “Mr. Jones, you told that brother to do what? OK, case dismissed, this false crack will stand. Counselors in my chambers now!”

Ronald Sambrano