Kihei roadwork creates entrepreneurial opportunity

I’m retired. Recently I went for a walk in the afternoon. I live in north Kihei near where North Kihei Road has been closed by a roadblock for several months while crews work to replace the old culvert bridge near what was Suda Store and is now an ABC. It has been reported that the work won’t be completed until late January or early February.

Folks turning off the Piilani Highway at the big intersection just north of the roadblock, wanting to head south on North Kihei Road, seem surprised by the roadblock despite signs on the highway advising motorists the road is closed. Making the turn anyway, some immediately come face to face with the reality that they can go no farther as they see the huge trucks, towering heavy equipment and three big “road closed” signs affixed to day-glo orange-and-white striped traffic barricades. Some take longer.

In the span of about 40 minutes, I watched at least two dozen cars — and trust me, they weren’t all driven by tourists — make right and left turns off Piilani Highway at that intersection and proceed onto North Kihei Road. Seeing the roadblock, some stopped, pulled a U-turn, went back up to the intersection and turned south back on to Piilani Highway. Others, however, pulled right up to the barricade and just sat there staring at it.

There’s a short window of entrepreneurial opportunity here. I’m thinking “Roadblock Lemonade!” and temporarily coming out of retirement.

Mary Lawrence