Maui visitor appreciates commitment to justice

My family and I recently returned from another lovely holiday in Kapalua (21 consecutive years). The beauty of the area remains sublime and the kindness of so many Kapalua residents draws us back every year.

During our Kapalua holiday, I made the acquaintance of a wondrous justice-seeking woman (and longtime Kapalua resident) who is doing her best in reducing animal cruelty on Maui. On the morning of Nov. 12, outside the delightful Honolua Store, we witnessed a rude man yelling a juvenile obscenity at a polite motorist who had stopped his car to give the man the opportunity to cross the small parking lot. Much worse, the immature man treated his own dog like a rag doll, yanking the poor creature into his old, white vehicle.

Fortunately, the dog-loving woman recognized the man and immediately set out (with some of her friends) to slowly bring him to justice. Happy to say, she and a friend have recently captured video of the man being abusive (again) to his dog and another person. The video is now being shared with various individuals who are in a position to do something about the man’s horrid behavior.

My family and I look forward to many more years of rejuvenating holidays in beautiful Kapalua. Thanks again for your hospitality and commitment to justice for all.

Robert Boice

Cheyenne, Wyo.