Mayor’s shortcomings continue to mount

The mayor’s debacle regarding firing Dave Taylor of the water department shows two clear needs.

First that the mayor was 100 percent wrong in his decision to fire Mr. Taylor, as the Maui County Council voted 9-0 to not allow the loss of a excellent, trained and experienced manager for the good of Maui county’s citizens. The present mayor is not a manager. He is a politician who has made more than just this error — like the expensive venture into a project for the county to help create a waste plant to burn the trash that only cost us tax funds to no benefit and his decision to falsify his campaign reports for his personal gain.

Second, we need a professional manager for the county who is educated and experienced in government management who is not out for his own gain or for creating a fake resume so he can run again and again for public service with no service results provided.

For the record, Dave Taylor of the water department is not a relative of mine in any form, but has shown his ability to consistently do an excellent job for us.

L. David Taylor