Questions raised about park’s irrigation system

Reading the “Ask the Mayor” column on Christmas morning and the response concerning the irrigation system being installed at Waipuilani Park, I had to ask myself a couple questions. Please note, I am not in the habit of talking to myself.

However, my first question was, “With a project of this size and nature, how do you overlook having a power source to operate the irrigation valves?” You know the old saying about “assume” and what it stands for?

My next question was, “If we are now going solar, who missed the boat as to having this being the power source from the get-go?”

My condo home fronts Waipuilani Park, and I’ve been looking out over it since 1988. It is, as pointed out by the question asked to the mayor, a wasteland. Hopefully, the 60-day window for watering does not come and go without seeing power to irrigation valves. I do know it will take some time for this scar to heal. The storm floods over the years, and the tsunami surge a few years back didn’t pose near the problems the park will have to overcome this time.

While I know I will see the park recover in time, I do feel bad for the visitors who use and have used the park in the past, coming and seeing this sad expanse.

George McDowell