Raise GET tax and dedicate funds to road improvement

Maui County is in desperate need of new and more and improved roadways. Whether the state or county is responsible, nevertheless the ones that suffer are the citizens and visitors. The hundreds of dollars that are wasted every year by the average Maui roadway user waiting in traffic or looking for alternative roadways or just sustaining damage to their vehicles would go a long way in paying for our needed roadways.

Unfortunately the money just isn’t available. And unfortunately the work just doesn’t get done without the budget to do it. Whether it is state roadways or county roadways regardless, without the work being done and the lack of money to do it the suffering will continue.

As population grows it will only get worse. Waiting for the state to do it is like waiting for Santa. It’s just isn’t going to happen. What should be done?

Simply raise the GET tax buy a miniscule 0.5 percentage point. And dedicate the money entirely to roadway creation, repair and dedicated necessary infrastructure. Many of your county officials want this to happen, including those in public works. Let’s support those folks and get it done. Speak to your County Council representative and tell them how you feel.

Ray Phillips