Remarkable people make Maui magical

It was good to see a Nov. 28 letter writer enjoying stories about local people and also his description of Maui as the greatest place on Earth — a phrase I often used in my 10 years writing columns for Lahaina News. I’ve captured stories of some 60 people who appeared in my column and now can be found in my new book, “Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui.”

Fifteen years living here one realizes the magic of Maui for visitors and how remarkable our people are. A community leader once told me, “We thought we came here for the beauty. It turns out we came for the amazing people.”

In the book (available at MFOL bookstores), the lives of many are preserved for the historical record instead of disappearing in a newspaper file.

These include many of Hawaiian heritage: the late activist Charley Maxwell, saver of iwi from destruction; Grammy winner and renaissance man George Kahumoku Jr., Lahaina kupuna; the late Ed Lindsey, whose goal was to educate people on how Maui is precious; the concierge; the 400,000 Mai Tai Man; the kumu hulu; the surfer-hostess, musicians and artists. Few of us ever really get to know people because we don’t ask.

And the monarchs and their little-known stories, Queen Lili’uoukalani, who once traveled across the U.S to visit Washington’s Mount Vernon.

What one would like to see more of in The Maui News are stories about Hawaiians — what they think and do, remarkable in their unique way.

Norm Bezane