Selfish people lighting fireworks, driving recklessly

I know a lot of people are tired of these illegal fireworks and more frustrated that not much can be done. It got so bad one day recently that at least one explosion was happening every 10 minutes. I had to bring my shivering pit bull inside my kitchen and blast the radio for her to sleep.

Around the streets of Kahului you can find these plain, thick cardboard tubes with powder all over the ground. It’s not just these homemade bombs, though. Last month, I saw this guy driving recklessly in the middle of town, slam a car from behind and take off. A couple weeks later, somebody did a horrible job trying to steal my uncle’s car and left it a wreck in the middle of a parking lot. Honestly, who are these selfish people that could not care less about their neighbors?

“Slow down. This ain’t the Mainland,” remember those bumper stickers? Children can’t play in the streets anymore because it’s just not safe. Come on, Maui, we better start cleaning up our act, teaching our kids to be considerate and not allowing all this crime to become our new normal.

Kamalani Uehara