South Maui deserves Whale Day at Kalama Park

It was hard enough when Pacific Whale abandoned the Whale Day event. Thankfully, Kevin Olson of stepped up to save it, but now Parks Director Ka’ala Buenconsejo doesn’t want to allow the event in Kihei, where it has been for many years.

How come all of a sudden Kihei is not suitable? With the ocean and the beaches, Kalama Park is perfect. What sense does it make to have Whale Day in Kahului at War Memorial? With its parade down South Kihei Road, craft booths, food and music, Whale Day was the pride of South Maui. And it was the fourth largest yearly event in Maui County. We deserve to have a fun, all-day festival hosted on this side of the island. Share the aloha.

Debra Greene