Staff has improved water quality and capacity

The leadership and technical knowledge of water department Director Dave Taylor and staff have improved delivered freshwater qualities and water capacities (efficient transfer of aquifer waters to treatment facilities) within budget.

The water department’s regularly published water quality test results are better than Hawaii Department of Health and Environmental Protection Agency quality standards. The department relates and clarifies issues of interest with improving alternatives.

The state water resources board determines water capacity allocations amongst users. Hawaii’s waters are public resources.

Water capacity investments, such as enlarging distribution-line reserves and locating/testing ground water capacities and alternatives, are the mayor’s and council’s desire to mitigate drought managing, like imposing water-rationing cautions and water-use limits. This area continually lacks mayor and council commitments for increasing water capacities, minimizing drought risk managing and doing proactive water system investing initiatives (review and extend line’s useable life, a reliable delivery metric) throughout Maui County. Politically established water meter lists are managed by the department.

Due to unfortunate realities of short-term office holding, political leaders cannot explain water system needs to residents, and political self-interests are jeopardizing Maui’s health, welfare and economic development and productively using Hawaii’s important ag lands! This needs immediate fixing — refocusing toward resident needs and investing in increasing water capacities fitting population and economic growth and continually improving delivered water qualities.

These are big differences where we look to specific public authorities for fixing and appreciating water services.

Warren Shibuya