The homeless will abuse whatever you give them

I busted out laughing the other week when I read about the idea being tossed around about letting the homeless sleep overnight in their cars. Are you kidding me? Now we’ll have junk cars everywhere they can find to park.

Let’s look at it from their view: “I can’t afford to rent a room in a home but I can scrape together enough monies to buy some cheap Maui cruiser to live in.” Now, what happens when the registration is due along with the safety check and they, guaranteed, won’t have the monies to pay for those? So now the vehicle stays put and their encampment starts growing on the vehicle.

My second opinion is for folks who think we should keep the bathrooms open at night for the old, poor-me homeless. Have you seen what they do to the bathrooms — steal all the paper products, break the mirrors, leave the water running, crap in the corners and wipe it on the walls? Who in their right mind would want to go in the bathrooms, especially your children?

My point is that whatever you give the homeless they will abuse all of it!

Steve Kear