Understanding the rules of game enhances enjoyment

Like half of you I absolutely love watching football. I am thankful for fast forward which allows me to save time and not have to watch commercials, penalties and timeouts.

I know the other half of you range from people who just like football to my ex-wife who thought it was just a bunch of men falling over each other.

Sometimes, once we understand how something works, we can shift from a total dislike to something we love. Like chess or any competitive sport, we need to understand and follow the rules of the game.

In Hawaii we have had politicians go to jail for corruption. We need to eliminate even the possibility of corruption. I will again run for mayor in next year’s election, hoping to create mauitopia (see mauitopia.org).

Like in the last election, I won’t raise any money. No one can buy me.

Once elected, I will run the county on a rational basis. My Stanford University degree in computer engineering should help me make the best decisions for all of us, whether you like football or not.

Ori Kopelman