Using others’ money comes with strings

A Dec. 26 letter writer believes that restrictions on how VA money is spent reduce the benefits to veterans.

While I totally stand for helping vets, I also realize that when you use other people’s money for something, strings are attached. If you accept money from somebody else, whether it’s the VA, SNAP, other government benefits or from a private entity, you are agreeing to their rules.

I always grew up believing beggars (those asking for and receiving benefits from somebody else) can’t be choosers. Not that I believe vets seeking help to be beggars, but when you are using somebody else’s money, you are beholden to that giver to follow certain rules imposed by them.

My heart goes out to the many vets who have returned from combat duties broken. However, they also have a responsibility to help fix themselves. Anybody who is not willing to work on helping themselves cannot be helped.

Larry Quimby