Veterans are not getting what they need from VA

Homelessness was certainly not something I considered when joining the U.S. Army in the ’70s, and sure never thought the bureaucracy would work against solutions.

The VA’s current policy is to deny veterans homeless status if they are not staying at certain shelters with restrictive privacy-invading rules and regulations that make the honorably discharged feel like the feloniously convicted. This directive not only denies truly homeless vets a status they need for assistance, it deprives homeless vets from certain services like, in my case, badly needed dentistry on what few teeth I have left from my faulty swine flu shot.

These rules have taken time to think up, with the results of depravity desired, not some unfortunate side effect of bad policy.

The VA is in need of serious reform in the compensation department. If prospective servicemen and -women knew what was in store, they would never fall for the patriotism nonsense that results in this kind of treatment as a thank-you for your service to a country. No one would serve and Yankee Doodle would have to find another way to make money other than war for fun and profit.

Donald “Federal Reserve” Brown