Wailuku River again will face Mother Nature’s wrath

I have noticed over the many years how Iao Stream is timid before becoming a raging Wailuku River. How the pohaku (stones) roll with the water. I assume if one were to paint a stone to follow its path, one would see it starts from the top and rolls and ends planted firmly to its present location — not placed by machines but by Mother Nature.

I wonder with the new placement of pohaku stones or boulders where all will end. Man cannot compete with Mother Nature’s engineering skill.

Boulders can also be used to stop backwash or wave surges by shorelines. Stop the surge into a timid flow. Before one fixes roads by ocean shorelines, one must fix the erosion of sand by waves or even “king tides.”

A mistake we keep repeating is, never fool with Mother Nature. She will always win. Don’t bump her the wrong way. Before being a entity, she is a woman. Don’t make her cry a raging river. Wailuku or River of Destruction.

Michael Matoi