Women should have more to say

Astrologically, we are less than 100 years into the Epoch of Woman. Change may appear slow, but much progress has been made. And this change will accelerate.

It is a fact that through women life enters the world. Men must realize that the life-bringers should have more to say about how life is used, preserved or enhanced. Would there have been the warring period of 1914-1945, had women held power in the halls of government? Would the Earth be imperiled if women were equal partners through the recent past?

A teacher once wrote that the bird of humanity flies on two wings. Its proper flight should be toward the light within the source of life. It has been written that there would be no wars if mothers raised to manhood those who refused to fight.

Women were once thought to be a moralizing force in the world, but they were denied the power, the voice and the position to exert this influence in the wider spheres of human significance. The many dark days of suppression, repression and harassment of women, and of violence against them, are coming to an end.

The psychology, consciousness and actions of men are being clearly seen for what they have been: out of tune with both nature and spirit; dangerous to the well-being of people and planet; and based on false revelations in old books, written by neurotic men.

Raphael O’Suna