Align U.S. strategic mission to benefit U.S. citizens

The Department of Defense prepares a Quadrennial Defense Review to articulate the strategic direction for its “ways, means, and ends.” The Armed Forces could implement “Roosevelt’s New Deal” concepts to create jobs, invest in public works, provide civic uplift and promote agriculture.

Allocate Department of Defense resources for food security, employment opportunities and capital improvements. Incorporate ideals of the Civilian Conservation Corps for public work relief. Emulate the National Guard by positioning the military within communities.

Downsize the military in Hawaii and transition to agriculture. Relocate the Armed Forces throughout the continental United States. Stationing military near the borders would be a deterrent for illegal crossings. Restore and revitalize communities by placing military personnel in economically depressed areas, dangerous neighborhoods and regions with deteriorating infrastructure.

The military can help rebuild communities to create desirable and safe environments. Improving infrastructure, schools, apartments and facilities throughout the U.S. will raise the quality of living. Condemned apartment complexes and abandoned housing districts could be designated for military living quarters. Restoring the structures would increase property values, breathing new life into these regions.

Necessary workforce for the military’s support community will transform welfare recipients into contributing members of society. Once an area is revitalized, it may encourage other industries to provide jobs. The military could then relocate to other disadvantaged areas, cultivating more healthy and prosperous communities.

Defense dollars allocated for safer environments, food security and economic growth makes sense. Align military forces with a strategic mission to directly benefit American citizens.

Michele Lincoln