Change the financial dynamic for homeless

I’m very thankful to my doctor and all the nursing staff during my brief hospitalization at Maui Memorial Medical Center on Christmas Eve and the next two nights.

My roommate was a homeless man around my son’s age. He was in with a broken arm. When he’s released he’ll have nothing. Whatever he had will have been taken. I got visits and a ride home from my wife. It was a stark lesson in how fortunate I am and how tough others have it.

On my way out the door, my nurse told me that 90 percent of the patients in the hospital are homeless. Ninety percent!

The cost of treating patients after they have a problem accounts for that percentage of the budget. Perhaps it’s time to look into how we might change that financial dynamic. Maybe more taxpayer money for homeless services will lessen the money needed for hospital care for our fellow humans who having nothing.

The best gift I received was relearning how fortunate I am.

I wish all of my Maui brothers, sisters and keiki a happy and safe new year.

Fred Fisher