Delays derail effort to save Whale Day

I have tried my best to finish the Whale Day event, however with the big delays from the parks department, especially from Nov. 8 when they killed the plan after two days of review, to the meeting with the mayor and parks department on Dec. 6, to the “We will get back to you next week,” which ended up being another 12 days for a total of six weeks’ delay. The timeline at this point will not allow me to finish the event since we lost that six weeks, for no reason.

I’m sure we will all feel the loss. It is too bad the county has been against this from the start.

Also, questions need to be asked why the Pacific Whale Foundation has been allowed to run the event when there are county codes that state no craft fairs in county parks. Other questions will be asked soon. The County Council needs to be questioned as to why no audits?

So, I thank you all for your support and understanding. I wish it would have worked, however there are other “inside reasons” the parks department has wanted to kill this event from day one.

Kevin J. Olson