Even small changes can slow global warming

Even if many of us have been complaining recently about how cold it’s getting on Maui, our world continues to experience global warming, a problem which concerns me greatly.

Global warming is the process of our planet heating up. When global warming occurs, the climate changes more than normal, which causes weather to be more extreme and unpredictable.

Global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels such as oil and gas. It’s also caused by people and companies chopping down forests. When forests are cut down, carbon dioxide cannot be absorbed.

Ever since I learned about this problem and discovered that global warming causes more rainfall, changing seasons, shrinking glaciers and rising sea levels, I wanted to know what we can do about it.

Please join me to make small changes, such as walking instead of using a car, switching to energy-saving lightbulbs, recycling, composting instead of throwing food in our landfill, using photovoltaic panels and turning off electrical equipment when it’s not being used. If you have to drive, please consider driving an electric car instead of a gas-powered one.

If all of us make small changes, we can together make a big difference and help our environment.

Riley Yoshio Regan