Is America bordering on moral darkness?

“This tax plan is going to hurt me badly!” (Trump). Hmmm! No tax return yet. How will “we” the people ever know how hurtful? (Doonesbury). The investigated Trump, a Republican, fired the investigator, also a Republican! Was Comey’s duty to country too zealous?

The new investigator, also a Republican, is now under investigation by a coterie of congressmen, you guessed it, also Republicans! Is Mueller’s oath to the Constitution too binding? Was the letter writer on Jan. 7 accountable? Apparently, the frequent tweets by the investigated to chloroform “de base” is working.

“Russian interference in the 2016 campaign is a hoax. Collusion is a fabrication, a ruse concocted by the Democrats” (Trump). Dizzying but not for the writer on Jan. 7. Did the Cossaks gift the perfect Trojan Horse to America? Are we bordering on moral darkness?

“Robert Mueller’s reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity,” stated Newt Gingrich. Mueller is a veteran who earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, is a longtime federal prosecutor, director of the FBI, respected on both sides.

Trump evaded serving his country, using multiple deferments, yet Trump stated that John McCain is not a hero!

While others made the ultimate sacrifice, wasn’t Trump’s main concern avoiding venereal disease? The juvenile monarch is allowed to turn the most revered democracy in the world into another reviled banana republic, inviting chaos at home and abroad. Is his swamp of spineless hypocrites giving the genius (Trump’s words) carte blanche to dismantle the Constitution?

Alain Mei