Skill Village community has epic New Year’s party

We live in Skill Village, a polyglot of intermingling ethnicities and cultures. We have a contingency of special needs adults living in our neighborhood and working local farms. We have a bunch of foster kids adopted into families, and plenty of roaming teens we all look out for. One of our teen bands was “in charge” of a special needs adult on New Year’s Eve. How cool is that?

We all had a great time together. Like any good block party, we laughed a lot and shouted, “Happy New Year!” to old neighbors we knew, and met new neighbors too. At one point, an older teen raised both fists in the air and declared proudly, “This is my neighborhood!” And we all felt it.

Our little neighborhood was a snow globe of colorful aerial explosions, ground sparklers and happy people of all types. Some families spent thousands of dollars to make this community bonding experience happen. We were glad to contribute in our own little way.

As Mainland transplants, we don’t feel it is our place to criticize the multicultural practices that were happening long before we came here. Skill Village, thanks for the epic New Year’s Eve party.

Cissy McDonald and Nick Rusnak