Thermal energy research development needed

The article on the beaches sites a study, U.N., which limits the sea rise to 3¢ feet. I believe this assumption is conservative. The U.S. estimates were between 3 to 6 feet (on .gov).

We are spending billions to go to the moon and Mars when what we need to do is spend money on developing thermal energy. It seems the tanks attached to the sulfur water coming out of volcanoes and hot springs corrode the material used to hold the hot water or steam.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to fund this research, resolving this problem nationally, since just about the whole West Coast and a lot of other places in the country are sitting on a lot of thermal heat? There used to be research on where thermal exists in this country up on the government website. It could solve one of our biggest expenses — energy needs — here in Hawaii.

Volcanic energy would help us disengage from fossil fuel. Where are our politicians on advancing a piece of legislation on this issue in the Congress?

Susan McGreivy