Global warming as an apocalyptic faith

“Science commits suicide when it adopts a creed,” said Aldous Huxley.

The climate change movement has taken on all the trappings of a creed — and one with apocalyptic trappings at that. It has its saints, sinners and rituals.

“Believers” are honored for their purity. Their mantra is, “The end is near.” How near is unclear. It may be good to recall that in the 40 years since Al Gore’s hearings on climate the Pacific atolls have remained stubbornly above water, California and Florida remain habitable, and we’ve dodged a war over who owns the Northwest passage (as it’s still impassable).

The model is predictive, and time will best confirm it or let it fade away.

In the interim, the faithful should constrain their attempts to suppress skeptics with personal hate attacks under the banner of righteousness. As a previous reader has noted, any challengers are labeled “deniers” in a thinly veiled attempt to suggest that they share values with the neo-Nazis who deny the Holocaust.

Skepticism is and has been, since its origin, the root of science as a discipline. It’s best nurtured or science will, indeed, die.

Bob Sine