Regular visitor to Maui offended by remarks

I’d like to reply to “Not enough aloha any more on Maui,” (Letters, Feb. 15) and “Ho-hum, more tourism, more traffic” (Letters, Feb. 14).

I’m a regular tourist for over 30 years and I’m very offended by these remarks. I have done plenty of volunteer work on this island to help out the state. Not that I felt compelled to but that I wanted to help this island in particular.

I love Maui and this will be my final resting place along with my husband, who almost died on this island quite a few years ago when he got flesh-eating bacteria. I can’t say enough about the good care he received from the doctors and medical team at Maui Memorial Medical Center.

I have contributed more than my share of taxes to help this island and state out.

Carol Isaak

Newport, Minn.