Students urged to organize; challenge local politicians

The world is finally ready to listen to students. It is your turn to take a stand and say: “no more school shootings.” Join the “March For Your Life.” Take a day off from classes and send a message to our government. You are American citizens with the solemn right of protecting your life. We adults have failed you.

Our local leaders don’t listen. Politicians remain politicians and refuse to compromise. They have the power to make a difference but choose not to. You are now the new collective power. Send a message to President Trump and tell him to do something now to protect you or he should resign.

Don’t ever say that your school will never be the target of some crazy shooter and that this can never happen to you because your school protects its safe and quiet environment. This environment can be easily penetrated with one single bullet.

Gather with the student council members from the Maui schools and organize joint forces for student safety. Be part of the “March For Your Life” coming soon nationwide. Challenge your politicians to act in your favor.

Frank Gomes