What is the future of South and North Kihei roads?

Between shoreline erosion and sea-level rise what is the future of South and North Kihei (Highway 310) roads? It is not a question of if, but when will we lose segments of both roads. What are the government plans? North Kihei Road is state, South Kihei Road is county.

One potential assist for the loss of SKR can be a continuous north-south collector road now as well as in the future.

For past six months we have had some indication with the NKR/SKR intersection closed. Often in the evening, NKR traffic congestion extends all across the flats to Honoapiilani Highway (Highway 30). Mokulele (Highway 311) backs up past the bird sanctuary entrance. That matter should be rectified next month, but then what is the future?

Imagine a flooded NKR at any location closing through traffic. These are issues that need planning now, not once roads start closing.

For long-term planning the county needs to look at the Piilani Highway mauka bypass road. We continue to be auto-centric and both resident and visitor populations grow year after year. Development continues. Without valid progress for alternative methods of transportation, more roads are needed.

Many have voiced that Kihei is an unplanned area. Our understanding is there were in fact plans for four regional sectors, but haphazard development was frequently allowed, blowing up that concept. Wetlands were filled in and built upon. Upcountry forests were clear-cut. Mother Nature was screwed over, and she will react with her might. Are we ready?

Mike Moran, President

Kihei Community Association