Critics of project need to broaden their thinking

Wait. Let me understand this: The critics of the Kaiwahine Affordable Rental Project (The Maui News, Feb. 17) are criticizing it because it will create more traffic and congestion and you may have to sit in your car a few minutes longer to get to your destination?

Let me give you a clue and broaden your thinking a bit: How about the kids who are “near homeless” or living with their single parent in a bedroom in a small house shared with three other families or living in someone’s backyard in a tent and have to go to school the next day and all the days thereafter? Some of them don’t even have the luxury of a hot shower before bed or a hot meal or even freshly washed clothes.

And you’re worried about the inconvenience of sitting in your air-conditioned car for a few minutes longer? Hint: Leave a little earlier.

Paul Fasi