Federalist Papers explain Founding Fathers’ thoughts

Regarding “Amend our antiquated Second Amendment” (Letters, Feb. 21):

Yes, I agree we should amend the Second Amendment because it was written when firearms were muzzle loaders and didn’t take into account rifles like the AR-15. On that same logic, let’s amend the First Amendment because radios, televisions and the internet weren’t foreseen buy the Founding Fathers; bye-bye Breitbart, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones.

With all the spying on the U.S. citizens, let’s amend the Fifth and 14th Amendments. Just kidding.

Question: Is it no longer required reading of the Federalist Papers in our schools? That would be a shame. Those articles were written by some unknown writers: James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton, just the writers of a little document called the Constitution. These articles were written to explain that document before it was adopted and ratified.

When anyone says we don’t know what the Founding Fathers thought when they wrote it, I say nonsense.

James Hoover