Infrastructure not in place to support new development

The dust fences have gone up and the heavy equipment is digging away. Construction on the Luana Garden Villas started so quietly, without any of the usual hoopla attendant upon groundbreaking of a major project, that you would almost think they have something to be ashamed of. And they do.

Seventy-two luxury townhomes are being built in north Kaanapali, in the grassy area between the two towers of the Honua Kai resort. Are we insane? The last thing this island needs is more luxury homes, and the last thing West Maui needs is anything that will put more tourist cars on our highway.

Their EIS dates from when? 2005? How can it possibly still be applicable when the situation with the highway has become so much worse?

There should be no new construction in West Maui unless it is workforce housing or housing affordable for perpetuity, until the infrastructure to support it is in place. And we all know, including the developers of this project, that that will not be for a very long time.


Jeremy Levien