It is time to stop the insanity

Congratulations to The Maui News for its Feb. 25 editorial calling for a national ban on assault weapons.

Recently a Florida teenager put it this way: “When the adults act like children, then the children need to act like adults.” I stand with the kids in their demand for a national assault weapon ban.

As a Vietnam veteran, I was shocked in a California sporting goods store. There was a whole wall displaying AR-15 assault rifles. In Vietnam they had been ubiquitous as M-16s — weapons of war. The M-16 has an automatic selector that the AR-15 doesn’t but they were both built for the same purpose: to slaughter people.

Why was it legal to sell them? The 1994 national assault weapon ban had sunset and a NRA-dominated Congress was not going to restore it.

Opponents say there is no evidence that a ban would work. When confronted by similar mass murders, Scotland and Australia banned semi-automatic weapons. Period. The mass murders stopped. They watch in horror as we continue to fail to take action and our body count mounts. They think we are insane. They are right.

That happens because of the political firepower of the National Rifle Association and its co-conspirators, the Republican Party. Despite the indisputable evidence that their blockage of responsible legislation to curb the slaughter has led to more mayhem, they continue to block. To me that makes them culpable to the murders of many innocent people.

Dave DeLeon