Problem of U.S. gun violence is, simply, guns

The CNN town hall meeting was refreshingly excellent, especially in its attempt to hear from all sides despite a large crowd hostile to guns. Sen. Marco Rubio presented himself admirably until he waffled on the question of accepting NRA money. The NRA provided its typical paranoid ravings.

Trump, who seems to understand nothing about anything, in addition to Florida’s governor, declined to attend (surprise!), seemed to be listening in his simultaneous “listening session” then promoted the idea that teachers should be armed! He will certainly hear from teachers.

The notion of raising the age of purchase from 18 to 21 is certainly reasonable but also laughable in terms of effect. The administration’s and NRA’s position to cite mental illness as the problem is similarly laughable. There is no question many of the mass shooters have been disturbed, but it far from accounts for the 30,000 people who die from gun violence annually in this country.

The problem, simply, is guns. Other countries have solved this problem, not without opposition. That we cannot do so is understandable, if indefensible, but it is possible.

The only real solution is probably the repeal of the Second Amendment, something that made sense in in the 1700s but not in the 21st century and which no other country has. They also don’t have this problem. There must be other ways to allow hunters, target shooters and those who want to protect their homes than to allow anyone at large who wants a gun to buy one.

Jon Betwee