‘Stupid is as stupid does,’ a response to columnist

I think the heading of my letter tells it all. Syndicated columnist Froma Harrop (Opinion, March 1) thinks that guns kill people when people kill people and she blames the NRA. Then she mentions these teenage robots in favor of letting the same people that failed them handle their security.

Of the 5 million NRA members, me included, there has never been a mass shooting, or any shooting for that matter. In fact, there have been several incidents where an NRA member came to the aide of not only police officers but private citizens as well.

The real solution to school shooting: 1. End gun-free zones, they are an open invitation to idiots that want to do mass damage. 2. Provide better security for schools. 3. Train teachers that are willing for concealed-carry permits.

For my family, I will accept the responsibility to protect them myself and not rely on total incompetence of people like Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. Wake up, dear woman, the NRA is not your enemy.

Fred Pieracci