Taking issue with list of government ‘products’

A letter was published March 1 trying to counter syndicated columnist Andrew Napolitano’s statement that government produces no products (Opinion, Feb. 23). I’d just like to point out that the “products” she listed are all mandated by law and are not products, as such.

A “product” must be something somebody would freely purchase if they wanted it. I’d rather be given the option of investing 6.5 percent of my income into a private-sector investment rather than trusting the government to take care of my money. After all, it wasn’t too long after Social Security was initiated that Congress decided it would be OK for them to “borrow” funds from it.

Considering that Keynsian economics postulates that governments don’t need to pay off the principal, just fund the interest, where will all the money they’ve “borrowed” come from to pay it back?

Larry Quimby