The real shame is shared by self-debased party loyalists

The ignorance and evil of a national leader certainly cause one to question one’s attitude toward tolerance. These things evoke a legitimate feeling of indignation or spiritual violation. But Donald is only slightly less articulate, trustworthy and truthful than he has always been. He has remained himself throughout his life. He has been in one’s face and aggressively expressive of his obscure soul.

On spiritual grounds, he can be faulted but not condemned. His father well recognized his son’s limitations. While in college, he was assigned the task of physically collecting rents on weekends. The odds are great against a change of heart, habit or consciousness when a man reaches pampered old age.

But within our political drama, there are real culprits — real violators of who they thought they were. These people are the media apologists, the Republicans who have chosen to chew their tongues and hearts, and the backward base of a debased party.

It would be unfair to expect our uncultured and unlearned president to change into something that would be too foreign to his dark, dangerous and deranged mentality. It would be too far a stretch for his consciousness to feel shame, to self-reflect or to change.

The real shame is shared by the self-debased party loyalists who have ignored, excused, denied or defended the vice-ridden White House.

Raphael O’Suna