Will not succumb to the age of stupefaction without fight

It is becoming increasingly obvious that as a society we have been thrust into a time when the touted “American dream” is falling in bits and pieces around us.

Our political direction is hazy and unclear. Our politicians double-talk till we go blue. Our administrative entities are rift with laxity, complacency and incompetence. There is no hope of justice unless you have the money, the stomach and a resolve of steel to gain it.

I refuse to succumb to this insidious paralysis and diaspora without a fight. The most earnest and vicious fight I can muster, which begins right here in the free press. And, if the miscreants, as we see in the movie “Legend,” take me to the ground, I shall smile before I close my eyes, knowing that they too will pay a great price for my hide.

Martin DuPont