Mothers are temporary stewards of God’s children

God grants some women the unique honor and blessing of becoming mothers. If you are good at mothering, you will hold the memories and release the child. Our children belong to God.

They will grow up and leave. Mothers are only temporary stewards. When you have children, hold them, care for them and empower them. Understand a child must be mothered God’s way.

For many mothers, it is a struggle, as it was with my mom, who struggled with a sick husband and an early divorce. Pua was 4 years young and given to a hanai, or foster, aunty for three years.

Letting go was painful for mom, but dad managed as a parent for Pua. She was boarding with four foster homes and six schools until graduating at Kamehameha Schools in 1961.

Mother of Elvira, Ernie and Ervin; grandmother of Chad, Eben, Joshua, Alika and Kainoa; and great-grandmom of Maile, Marley, Kekoa, Faith and Kaipo, all with God’s blessings.

Mothering God’s way is so important for a healthy child. Pua was empowered by the presence of God: Pua survived a 1979 drowning on Oahu. Filled with the Holy Spirit before graduation, it gave her power to excel as a mother and prison chaplain for 57 years.

Pua Manuia-Hashimoto