Weed-wacking along Upcountry highways

Wonder of wonder, miracles, miracles! As I write this, road crews are actually weed-wacking the guardrails along King Kekaulike Highway and Haleakala Highway for the first time in more than a year!

When driving to town the other day, I felt something was different and then noticed some of the guardrails were clear of the 4- to 5-foot weeds. I was astonished.

Coming home recently, I then noticed long stretches cut and in several places crews of men actually weed-wacking! Most importantly, the yield section of the road just before King Kekaulike High School was finally cleared and approaching traffic could be seen after many months of being blocked by very high weeds — a dangerous situation day to day until now! I was more than astonished!

What remains to make this perfect is a cleaning and clearing of the debris, grass and weeds covering much of the easement on both sides of the highway, a continuing situation that forces the hundreds of daily downhill bikers to move on to the highway rather than use the easement.

In many places, more than one half of the easement is covered with debris and growth, contributing to constant danger for both bikers and drivers. Who wants to take bets on whether the easements are cleared, making the roads far more safe, and, more importantly, fully completing a job that has taken more than a year to begin? Ever vigilant!

Vincent Linares