Behavior not characteristic of a mayoral candidate

We just switched our TV service from satellite to cable and the first thing we saw on Akaku was a council member implying that our son “bought” his job with donations to Mayor Alan Arakawa’s political campaigns. All the education, hard work and time spent away from family at training counted for nothing. His donations were all that apparently mattered to her.

For the 46 years that we’ve known and raised him, Keith Regan has always focused on helping people. He consistently seeks the good in people and works with others to solve challenges. He is dedicated to the welfare of Maui County and the improvement of government operations. Knowing this and watching the council member devalue the work he’s done and discount the awards the county has earned was disheartening.

We don’t need mudslinging and unsubstantiated lies being tossed around in an attempt to smear a person’s reputation. This is not a characteristic we want in a candidate for the Office of Mayor of Maui County. We see enough of that in the daily tweets from the Oval Office.

Dan and Pat Regan