Will rent house to a Maui family after cleaning mess

You know I won’t name names, but these people lived on our property 14 years. Both were hoarders inside and out. I finally got an attorney; cost me $6,000 and I couldn’t get them out. They finally left owing me $4,000 and the problem to clean up after them. Over $1,000 to Maui Disposal, hours of filling up the container.

Now to fix the house, that I would have done in a timely manner. The toilet is through the floor, the rooms were knee deep in trash and old family stuff. My son said in the kids’ bedroom was like an excavation site of toys from kids 3 to finally 17.

It’s hard to kick people out, I know. This will not become an Airbnb; it will be rented to a Maui family. Where are my rights? These people had to go.

Teresa Brown