Article fails to mention serious liquor violations

The primary concern I have as a liquor commissioner is the safety of our residents and guests in Maui County. If a license holder oversells drinks, violating the law, and their customer gets into a car and kills an innocent citizen, all the issues in The Maui News article of June 28 about commas, wait times and licensee rights become very small.

I chose not to go to this meeting because this was a public arena to speak to the auditors. I received no invitation or notice from the auditors to appear or that commissioners would be encouraged to appear. No auditor has sought my opinion to date.

I have to question the “woe is me” coverage of Mike O’Dwyer of Mulligan’s by The Maui News. While you cite he has over 20 violations, you only include failure to remove glasses and drinking in the restrooms in your article. O’Dwyer has other very serious violations which The Maui News failed to mention in this article, therefore trivializing the issues here and the danger potentially caused to our community by license holders with continued disregard for the laws.

I would ask The Maui News to publish all violations of Mulligan’s so your coverage of O’Dwyer may be evaluated by the public the way the commission must evaluate it. In the “Business of Booze” I am firmly on watch and here to specifically protect our county against deaths that can and should be avoided by simply following the rules.

Jonathan Todd

Maui County liquor commissioner