Behavior of President Trump helping polarize the country

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring, giving Trump the opportunity to fill Kennedy’s seat with an ultra-conservative justice affecting our nation for years to come.

Conservatives celebrate the possibilities. Moderates and liberals are at a point when late-night jokes no longer make us chuckle. Scraping my morale off the floor — and repeatedly for these past months — I have come to realize the problem is not with the dichotomy of conservatism and liberalism. The problem is with leadership.

You want to polarize a country? Early-morning tweets of hate will do it. Atrocious, impulsive policies will do it. Carte blanche deficit spending will secure a seemingly heroic economic expansion followed by an implosion blamed on a next administration. Schoolyard-bully blabbering by our leader will assuredly provoke the country to follow suit. Instead of calming governance, immaturity enflames repulsion so commonly documented in history books that we ask why humanity ever went there “back then.” But it’s not back then, it is now.

A strong leader would stifle hate and inspire the world rather than stir ideological frenzy. He or she would look at all variables (facts) and make hard decisions instead of whimsically reacting to cable TV propaganda. But we don’t have this type of leadership.

Vote. Vote with your minds and hearts. Vote if you’ve never voted before. If 2018 doesn’t turn this mess around, don’t miss out on 2020. Get involved.

Kelli Lundgren