Candidate has progressive vision for Maui County

Having no political experience, my friend Honest Ori is running for mayor. He cannot be bought as he is not raising any money and is spending only $1,000 on his campaign.

He has a wealth of business experience, having been a successful Silicon Valley executive and a management consultant to companies worldwide. He helped businesses get their projects done in half the time, at half the cost, while having double the fun.

Ori belonged to the Rotary Club of Maui for over a decade.

Having lived on Maui for the last 25 years, Ori has flown 1.2 million miles and visited 44 countries. He proudly calls Maui his home, and while he has a global perspective, he knows Maui is no ka oi.

Ori has a very progressive vision for the county (see

Shouldn’t we give Honest Ori, who graduated in the top 10 percent of his engineering class at Stanford University, a chance to run our county government?

Kirk Baldridge