Hit and run not being identified properly

This too can happen to you. My good friend was hit recently on the way to Kaupo. The guy in the truck zoomed by her and left the scene. Hit and run, right? My friend did get the license plate number. We found out who was the registered owner of the truck.

My friend called the police and waited for them to arrive. She gave them the license plate number. I found out the name of the registered owner and she took a picture of the damage. She is in pain now but she did good, right? How many times do we have this much information in a hit and run?

The policeman refused to call this hit and run a “hit and run” or “leaving the scene” and just estimated the damage saying that the owner of the truck told them that he was going to call them. The driver never even stopped. The driver didn’t call and report the accident. They found him. The driver never stopped to see if my friend was OK. This is a pretty deserted road. If she was hurt, would this driver have even known?

Why would an officer of the law not enforce the law? I don’t know if this is an inept officer or someone is being protected. I am urging the Maui Police Department to conduct an independent investigation. Mistakes can be forgiven but folks must be accountable for their actions.

Linda R. Puppolo