Incivility motivating the forces of violent conflicts

Is the moral rut pandemic? The Democrats have swallowed a sexist insult by Samantha Bee, targeting Ivanka Trump. It apparently met their approval, their silence was deafening, yet, a racist affront by Roseanne Barr created an uproar, and justly so.

It’s different when we do it? Michelle Wolf, repugnant, offensive jokes at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner speech generated applause from the left and no visible indignation. Ironically, she de-legitimized some valid issues. A recent eviction of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders from a Virginia restaurant, again, was an opportunity lost.

“The Falsifier in Chief” was born a millionaire, became capricious, classless, spoiled. The juvenile monarch, always had his way — threatening, suing, firing, buying, name it — the Constitution? No need to assassinate “a la Putin” when you dictate at will and lawfully(?), courtesy of the many and most expensive attorneys and the spineless hypocrite enablers!

Poisonous incivility is filtering down from the top, anger and hate are guests of honor, thus motivating forces of violent conflicts with open arms.

The investigated fired the investigator. Then while under investigation, he packs the courts with his own poodles, then rushes to nominate his Supreme Court choice, insuring rubber-stamping his views for decades and — no need to fire Mueller anymore.

Lessons of history? Integrity out, depravity in. Lafayette would exclaim “what a moquerie, quelle tragedie!”

Alain Mei