Let’s create an efficient government

Honest Ori here again. Is our political system rigged? Three of the seven candidates running for mayor, none of which have held political office, but filed their papers, including me, are not listed on the county’s website.

I Googled mayoral candidates 2018 and expected to find my name. Three council members running for office were listed on the county’s website. I was not.

The Board of Ethics called me on June 12 with a question about my financial disclosure statement. We changed a blank field to $0. Lol!

After a few calls, I spoke to county’s communication director. To his credit, he helped me get to the bottom of this in one day, although with an unsatisfactory answer.

He told me we have to wait until July 12 for the next monthly meeting of the board to approve the change. How frustrating!

This board of volunteers only meets once a month. Is this just another example of snail-speed government work? You would hope someone could have approved this miniscule change much quicker.

Inefficiency has kept businessmen like me out of politics. After I become mayor, I hope to root out unfair inefficiency, which delays getting the public information. In the internet age it should take seconds.

I hope to get the county government working more at the speed of business.

Let’s create an efficient government we can be proud of (see mauitopia.org).

Ori Kopelman