Letter about Molokai plan was misleading

The letter of July 3 (“Extension for Molokai plan illustrates broken process”) is very misleading. The reality is that the Lanai and Molokai Community Plan processes were each delayed due to county administration efforts to change the community’s versions — without informing the community — in an attempt to undermine the enforceability of these plans.

In each case, the council did the right thing and sent the plan back to the community for comment on the administration’s proposed changes. It is disingenuous to suggest, as the administration and its supporters continue to do, that the delay is inherent in the process itself. The county administration is directly responsible for the delay.

The update process does not have to involve wholesale rewriting of the community plans. The existing plans contain many good objectives and policies that need to be updated to account for observed development trends, infrastructure needs and newer issues like sea level rise. Language should be tightened up to close loopholes that have been used to evade the will of the community.

A community plan is the voice of the people. When people are not listened to, they lose faith in government. The process will work — if we let it.

Albert Perez

Executive Director

Maui Tomorrow Foundation